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Remote charging solution for EVs.

About Spark

Spark is a remote charing solution for electric vehicles.

Market research

EVAdoption predicts that EV sales will rise almost 60% in the next 7 years.

Electric cars still face a big hurdle: the charging system

"For customers who lack experience with EVs, this patchwork network can bring frustration. EV owners are required to sign up for multiple services, each with its own access card or app. Maintenance can be hit or miss, and the last thing an EV driver running out of juice wants to do is pull into a charging stall and find it out of service."

Article by Andrew J. Hawkins, The Verge

Electric Vehicle-Charging Station Shortage in Silicon Valley

"Pacific Gas & Electric Co. expects 800,000 electric vehicles to be on state roads by 2020 -- there are only 20,000 now -- creating a high demand for charging stations. Currently, there are about 5,000 public and workplace charging stations in California and 20,000 nationwide."

Article by NBC BAY AREA

Shortage of electric-car ports fueling "charge rage" in Calif

"An increasing number of electric-vehicle driving employees at Silicon Valley companies are finding it hard to access car-charging stations at work, creating incidents of "charge rage" among drivers."

Article by Justin Sullivan, CBS News

AAA Unveils North America’s First Roadside Assistance Truck Capable of Charging Electric Vehicles

"AAA will provide 10 to 15 minutes of ” charge time to members with discharged electric vehicles, which will allow the vehicle to drive three to 15 miles to a charging station where they can further charge their vehicle."

Article by AAA Newsroom

Angel Car: World’s First Mobile Charging Station For Electric Cars

"the unit is equipped with an on-board 230V charger which is capable of juicing up a standard EV in about 15 minutes with 2-3 kWh of power. That’s enough energy for about 30km of travel, which should allow them to get to a standard EV charge point or back home."

Article by Timon Singh,


They are companies that run most charging stations in the US.

Spark is different

Instead of giving users full charge. Spark provides short-time-charging which gives users longer range until they find a charging station to fully charge their cars.



1. Add cars to user profile (Keep car in user’s profile to keep track of car’s range).

2. Order charge (SPARK will be able to locate user’s car and bring charging to the car).

3. Select charging quality & length (Two different price tiers for two different charging strength. The one with higher price adds more range than the other).

4. Charging progress update (User can see duration of each charge as well as his/her car’s current range).

5. Rating for each charge (For SPARK to improve future experience).

User journey

First prototype


1. Added location button for users to quickly locate themselves or their cars.

2. Added order confirm button so order won’t be placed until they confirm the duration and charge type.

3. Added menu drawer for more pages such as profile, payment, and setting.

Second prototype

Interactive prototype

1. Add car to begin

2. Show location of user and car

3. Order charge

4. Finish charge

5. Menu drawer

Visual design

Visual design based on 2nd prototype. I used a combination of navy and light blue to give the app a refreshing look.

  • Human-centered design approach
  • Sketchapp
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Aftereffects