Think of the BYTON M-Byte as your new personal digital lounge, incredibly spacious yet packed with unforgettable experiences. Explore the possibilities of its highly scalable, intuitive user interface.

"If the problem we are solving here is not interesting enough, it won't worth me spending 4 hours on commute for work everyday" says one of our designers.

When we saw the giant display in M-Byte, we realized that it must be the focal point of this car. We approached every problem in the manner of user center design , because we know the only way to succeed is through user validation.

As part of the product design team, I focus on ideating interaction models based on feature requirements, creating wireframes and interactive prototypes, working cross-functionally to provide design solutions.

Unlike traditional OEMs, we are encouraged to break the existing patterns, then build them back up by studying our users. I am always asking myself, how can I make a crazy looking device user friendly?

BYTON's production UI debuted in CES 2020. After test drives, many people said: "Oh it's not that hard to get use to this." It is definitely something that will change the definition of mobility.

BYTON M-Bytes are currently rolling down the production line, making their own ways towards us.